Long Island Parking Lot Construction

Mr. Parking Lot provides new asphalt construction for any parking lot or driveway in the town on Long Island. Our asphalt paving contractors will come out to evaluate the property to make sure that it can handle having asphalt laid on it, then we will schedule the process for starting the asphalt construction – Once that is handled the jobsite will be excavated and all of grass, pavers, dirt, concrete, etc. will be removed and discarded appropriately.

Our skilled and trained asphalt paving Long Island Parking Lot Construction contractors will walk you through the entire process.

To get more information regarding asphalt parking lot installation services in your region simply contact us at Mr. Parking Lot.

Mr. Parking Lot asphalt paving contractors are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you have asphalt parking lot questions just give us a call. We will be more than happy to answer any Long Island Parking Lot Construction asphalt pavement related question that may come up.

Mr. Parking Lot asphalt paving contractors have years of experience in asphalt laying and asphalt paving for driveways, commercial asphalt parking lots, or residential asphalt driveways/parking areas.

Mr. Parking Lot does it all; roads, pavers, or milling. We provide high quality asphalt (blacktop) roads and parking lots for any project.

However, we also build roads that can be left unsealed or be made completely impermeable to water; you can leave them ‘natural’ so they look like dirt roads or seal them if you want the nice black finish of asphalt roads.

We also do pedestrian friendly walkways with brick paver accent or just plain old traditional blacktop roads for cars and trucks to drive on.

You may choose to use our concrete driveway pavers for a beautiful look or choose plain old asphalt roads – it’s your choice. Speak with our team of Long Island Parking Lot Construction workers today!

We offer different levels of compaction which allows you to choose the Long Island Parking Lot Construction that suits your needs best. This is why it’s important to consult an expert; Mr. Parking Lot can make roads with low, medium, or high compaction based on how much traffic is expected over the life of the roads (e.g., new roads versus roads with heavy trucks traveling daily).

Roads are manufactured in sections (thickness is one of many variables that can be chosen if doing your own site work) and then placed in panels that contain two rows split into sections (e.g. two 7′ wide lanes side by side). After roads are placed, we place a weatherproof geo-membrane that lines the roads. This membrane is similar to those used by DOT’s for roads under highways and prevents water from passing through the roads while allowing rainwater to pass through it so you can have a beautiful finished product without any puddles or mud!

After roads are installed by our Long Island Parking Lot Construction crew at Mr. Parking Lot, we install an asphalt wearing course on top of roads. This is done in several different layers so as to accomplish two things: firstly, water cannot pass between layers of asphalt no matter how many times it rains or snows. Secondly, this process ensures that roads have the strength they need to carry heavy loads over their lifetime (e.g., construction equipment, tractor trailers carrying building


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