Long Island Parking Lot Maintenance

When it comes to parking lots, there are many things that need to be taken into consideration. Some of the main issues that come up when sealcoating a parking lot are melted sealer in hot weather, sealer dry rot, sealer tire burns, sealcoat peeling and sealer discoloration.

The first thing we may do at Mr.Parking Lot during our Long Island Parking Lot Maintenance  before sealcoating your parking lot is make sure your asphalt is clean, whether this means sweeping or pressure washing the surface. If the site has just been stripped then there is no debris on the surface however if not you have to get rid of all trash, dirt and leaves from the area that will be covered by the sealer. Otherwise you will see these items showing through your new line striping and sealer.

Once the area is clean we will make sure your sealer is mixed thoroughly and has not begun to separate or thicken on the bottom of the drum if it has been sitting for a while. If we are using some sealers that are solvent based, they are usually added with some kind of thinner, which evaporates after time leaving behind a product that is thickened due to settling of solids. Once your sealer gets to this point it’s virtually useless as even though the solids might still be mixed into the sealcoat, chances are that excess separation will give rise to dry rot or other sealcoat failures next spring. This is why the service offered with Mr.Parking Lot, our Long Island Parking Lot Maintenance is key.

We also use asphalt sealer machines, which we start up and let it run for about five minutes to make sure there are no sealer blockages, which could lead to sealcoat dry rot. This makes our Long Island Parking Lot Maintenance top notch.

Once the sealer machine is running we find an area that has sealer on it left over from the previous year or if this is our first time sealcoating for you we can use part of a parking strip or another small area. Using a brush to paint some sealer along the line striping area making sure not to leave any low spots in the sealer coat which will be evident by shiny areas after drying. We will leave a nice even coat that completely covers your old sealcoat surface during our Long Island Parking Lot Maintenance. If we are using solvent based products we cover our asphalt sealing equipment with plastic sheeting so as not to drip any sealer onto it.

Next we will need to sealcoat all of the traffic lanes as well as any areas where sealer has been placed in an effort to deal with sealer tire burns or sealcoating peeling. Once again we make sure that our sealer spray coats the asphalt completely, covering up any low spots and lines that may be left by roller distribution during  Long Island Parking Lot Maintenance. Once all of our sealer is sprayed on and dried we will want to go over the entire area with a hand broom making sure not to miss any areas and once again coating everything down so there are no shiny areas showing through from bare asphalt.

We can either let this first coat dry for about two days depending upon weather conditions or move right to line striping if this is what we are sealcoating next. If line striping sealer does dry before the seal coat has dried we will need to start over making sure the sealer is applied at least two days before line striping. Using Mr. Parking Lot for Long Island Parking Lot Maintenance this is not an issue.

Once again we make sure this sealer coat completely covers your existing sealcoat, sealing up any lines left by rollers and covering all low areas. After the sealer has dried we begin rolling in preparation for application of new line striping tape or paint. Once the tape or paint is applied we let it set for about an hour then check back to see if it needs another sealer coat. If any shiny spots remain after drying, we apply yet another sealant coat until they are gone and we mark off your parking spaces with your new sealer and tape or paint. If your sealer has not dried within two hours then it needs another sealcoat.Our Long Island Parking Lot Maintenance team at Mr. Parking Lot will stick around until to make sure the maintenance is complete.

Once all sealer and line striping is dry and fully covered we can go into yearly maintenance mode by cleaning the sealer from tire marks on a daily basis, or every other day when the weather is nice.


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