Long Island Parking Lot Repairs

Mr. Parking Lot provides pothole repair, asphalt paving, pothole sealing or complete asphalt pothole repair or pothole patching for all parking structures.

We offer pothole repair, overlay, milling and paving repair or complete blacktop replacement or resurfacing. When potholes are first noticed, don’t assume they’re small enough to handle with a little sand over them; try some pothole filler instead. Mr. Parking Lot our Nassau County Repair team can do this with precision.

Although it may be tempting to wait on potholes (especially if you know they’ll get kicked up again the next time a car goes over them), you should always act as soon as possible. Long Island Parking Lot Repairs on potholes are typically needed because of weather damage (water seeping through cracks in the pavement), which means they’re only going to get bigger if you let them be.

If potholes are ignored, pothole fines will continue to increase! That’s why Mr. Parking Lot is on deck at pothole time, waiting with hot asphalt and cold drinks for businesses that need pothole repairs. With Long Island Parking Lot Repairs at Mr. Parking Lot we fix potholes so your pings won’t turn into pongs.

Sometimes, asphalt that is installed for a parking lot needs to be repaired. In the asphalt industry, this repair process is called asphalt restoration. The asphalt restoration process can involve many different steps and will require expertise from the Long Island Parking Lot Repairs contractor performing the work, as we will be when you choose us at Mr. Parking Lot.

In some cases, cracks in asphalt surfaces pose a problem for motorists trying to park their cars on those lots. These cracks can make it difficult or impossible for drivers to judge whether their tires are on the chalked-out lines of a parking space or on another’s car’s tire marks. If left unfixed, these cracks could lead to dents as well as more significant damage as drivers attempt to squeeze into spaces or pull out without realizing that they’re driving into someone else’s car. Additionally, asphalt restoration might be needed when asphalt has been worn down, in which case it will need to be replaced.

Asphalt is a black paving material that must be installed by asphalt professionals at Mr. Parking Lot. In addition to asphalt, black top parking lots will include oil, sand and gravel materials as well as the sealant used for filling in cracks. Concrete can also often be mixed in with asphalt for use when asphalt needs to be hardened or repaired.

In a typical Long Island Parking Lot Repairs process at Mr. Parking Lot, our contractor would first remove all of the damaged asphalt from an afflicted parking lot before repairing any torn-up gravel areas where asphalt has been removed. This work can involve heavy equipment such as bobcats and loaders, we will require the contractor also to have asphalt wholesalers close by or have asphalt materials on hand that can be used for Long Island Parking Lot Repairs so they are completed in a timely manner.

After the Long Island Parking Lot Repairs contractor has repaired gravel areas, he or she will then remove all of the asphalt sealant from a particular asphalt surface. Once this sealant has been removed, all asphalt cracks must be fixed before new asphalt is mixed and laid down. In some cases, especially if it’s an asphalt parking lot with roots from nearby trees growing through it, asphalt may need to be replaced rather than restored depending on the damage.

At Mr. Parking Lot with our Long Island Parking Lot Repairs we specialize in removing old asphalt sealant, however, we will be able to determine what only 99% pure asphalt will do for an asphalt restoration job. For example asphalt is very strong at 99% asphalt content, but will only work at up to a 95% asphalt content. If asphalt with too little asphalt content were used for Long Island Parking Lot Repairs, not enough strength would be provided and the asphalt would likely crack again sooner rather than later.

Beyond just asphalt sealant removal, our Long Island Parking Lot Repairs done by asphalt-repairing contractors at Mr. Parking Lot, we can also perform any asphalt parking lot patching service that involves placing asphalt into existing cracks or holes in order to level out damaged asphalt that still remains from previous damage or wear-and-tear on the lot.

While it might seem like all Long Island Parking Lot Repairs companies are one in the same, there are actually different processes available depending on what type of company you choose to hire. We can tell you today, Mr. Parking Lot is your go to company for all Long Island Parking Lot Repairs.


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